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In order for us to meet our goals, we require help from the community and people like you! Only about an eighth of the money needed to build a formula car is given to us by the school, which leaves a big void for us to fill. Every dollar brings us a step closer to achieving our goals and bringing more respect to The University of Kansas. Donations do not have to be in the form of money, but can take the shape of raw materials, parts, and expert knowledge. Listed below are the sponsors that are apart of the Jayhawk Motorsports family. For more information on becoming a sponsor or supporting the team, please contact us at

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Jayhawk Level

KU School of Mechanical Engineering

Our mission is to provide our students with a high quality education, to generate and apply knowledge, and to serve both society and the engineering profession.

Park Aerospace

Park Aerospace Corp. develops and manufactures solution and hot-melt advanced composite materials used to produce composite structures for the global aerospace markets.  As a complement to Park’s advanced composite materials offering, Park designs and fabricates composite parts, structures and assemblies and low volume tooling for the aerospace industry.

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KU Student senate

The University of Kansas Student Senate is the primary advocate for students on campus. As one of higher education's finest models of self-governance, 110 senators and 11 executive staff members work together to allocate about $22 million in student fees in ways that best serve students.

Costal Enterprises

With its roots in Aerospace, Precision Board High-Density Urethane Tooling Board is specifically engineered to meet the demands of a broad range of tooling and tool making applications. Both PBLT Tooling Board (<200º F) and PBHT Tooling Board (<300º F), possess excellent machining characteristics and dimensional stability for tool making.



More than 50,000 Siemens employees are working to meet America’s greatest challenges in the fields of infrastructure, energy, mobility, industrial modernization and medical solutions.


Druz Toolz

This is the start of a new line of specialty and finishing tools. I am anxious for you to experience the difference good, quality tools can make in our industry. Please email me at with questions, comments, or specific tool requests.


AkroFire is a solutions-oriented engineering company specializing in fire and thermal management for the Aerospace Industry.

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Sponsors: Client

Platinum Level

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Gold Level

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Charles and Susanna Ball

Matt Petty

Silver Level


Nicolas Davis


Kimminau Family

Michael Flowers


Nicolas Davis

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Dennis Depew

John and Brenda Dicus

Craig Garfield

Brian and Lisa Garfield

Esme Jansen Van Rensburg

Jane Garfield

Alan Anderson

The Lieb Family

Joe Reilly

The Rosploch Family

Clint and Dimity Rogers

Ko Yin

Paul and Barbie Schweizer

Mitee Bite.PNG

Marlene Ahlgren

Janet and David Murfin

Phyllis Smith

Aaron Marshall

Ethel Spiker

Steve Mitchell

Mary Jo Barton

Jeff Jacobs

Steve Dillard

Lechtenburg Family

Robin Garfield

Ashleigh Macgillivray

Rajib Sharma

Mary Bahr

Marlene Ahlgren

Janet and David Murfin

Phyllis Smith

Mari-Lynn Poskin

Edwin Liu

Janice Kinney

Deedy Hodes

John Appling

Dave and Lisa Gartner

Keith and Katie Taylor

Abbie Rexroad

Cindy Leyland

Madaleine Hinkes

Christie Belfort Cardador

William Bahr

Diane Reilly

Craig Garfield Jr.

Stephanie and Brent House

Kelly Rynaski

Aviva Schneider

Sharon Hunt

William Chan

Melissa Ness

Ramon Mitchell

Rich and Mary Poskin

Dave Mapes - Lame Horse Racing

Jonette Penton

Richard Kimminau

Beth Martens

Gabriel Brooks

JMS Contributors


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